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Transportation is the catalyst for sustaining economic growth. Without a transportation infrastructure, expanding the economy becomes extremely difficult. Additionally, the use of transportation makes it possible to produce, distribute, and purchase goods. Transportation creates jobs, sustains the economy, and makes life easier.

Improved Accessibility

In order to maintain an economy focused on growth, there is a need for accessibility and infrastructure improvement initiatives. The more efficient our transportations systems are, the better access we have to education, employment, and commerce. All of these things maintain and stimulate the economy. With improved accessibility we also cut costs for everyone. If we can lower travel time, decrease accidents, and lower vehicle operating expenses, we provide consumers with more time and money to put back into the economy and their pockets.

There are many moving parts that must run smoothly for our transportation to be efficient, but with continued improvement and innovation, we are creating a healthier economy for all.

Increased Growth

To piggyback off of an idea from the previous section, growth is a product of transportation. Through improved transportation systems, the cost of moving goods and people is reduced while the speed is typically increased. The more money we put back into people’s pockets, the more they have to put into the economy. This simple concept is difficult to put into practice due to major planning, construction and cost constraints. It takes continuous innovation on all levels to implement continuous transportation improvements.

Short term Job Creation and Long Term Growth

Transportation projects yield short term job creation for long term growth. Whenever a new transportation project is set into motion, construction contracts are secured. This short term job creation can help stimulate the economy, but the economic impact of the completed project has even more of an impact over a longer period of time. Improved or new transportation infrastructure has lasting impact for many decades. No matter how large of a project, any improvements or new additions stimulate the economy. Situations like these are a win from both sides when implemented and planned correctly.
Ultimately, transportation is what helps us function in everyday life, so it is imperative that we continue to focus on improvements for the sake of the economy. The overall economic stability largely hinges on how well our current systems work and the enhancements we make overtime. We cannot rely on status quo or expect growth without the proper attention to transportation development and infrastructure improvements.