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The supply chain industry faces a serious talent shortage. The education and availability for employment are a non-issue, but this industry faces a talent management problem. The dilemma remains acquiring and retaining top talent with fierce competition and lack of opportunities.


Many employers are falling short when it comes to retaining millennials. The millennial generation wants to be supported and feel a strong connection to the company’s mission as opposed to simply working to generate a paycheck like the baby boomers. As employers, we must adapt and become better at meeting the needs of the incoming generation.

Professional Development

Another area lacking in the supply chain world is professional development. All employees need to feel supported and trained to do the job expected of them. If we fail to do that, then it’s easy to lose talent we’re not developing. Professional development is seen as a direct investment in the future of your employees and company. It shows that you want to train them to grow, develop their strengths, and ultimately assist them in becoming better employees and people.

Disconnect from Hiring to Job Duties

Finally, there needs to be a larger discussion about the disconnect between the hiring process and the job itself. Increasingly, potential employees are becoming frustrated with how hiring is done compared to what’s expected of them. A company sets out to hire the best of the best, so they look for creativity, talent, and often someone overqualified. This has begun to be an area of contempt for employees. Once they become employees, some of that talent feels mislead. They may feel that the company is not open to change or new ideas. Many individuals also feel overqualified and underutilized when that happens.

Acquiring and retaining talent can be difficult, but it doesn’t need to be. We need to zero in on the needs of current and future employees to maximize efficiency and produce business growth. Listening to the needs of the talent pool will be the keystone of retention.