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Greg Shnerer

Supply Chain Management

Greg Shnerer is a talented management executive specializing in sales, marketing, operations, and finance.

As Vice President of Corporate Strategy at TRAFFIX— a leading, North American asset-based logistics and supply chain solutions company — Greg leverages innovation and analytics to build and retain crucial partnerships, drive sales, and enhance branding and marketing efforts. He works closely with coworkers, employees, and clients to maintain internal and external relationships while devising and implementing high-level strategies critical to company growth. An effective leader and respected resource, Shnerer earned his spot on the executive team via a ten-year ascent through the transportation industry.

Greg Shnerer graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 2007 with a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Organizational Studies. Never one to settle, Greg’s educational studies focused not only on Business Management but also on Finance and Accounting. This impressive background, along with fluency in English, French, and Russian, served as a formidable platform from which to enter the world of transportation, logistics, and supply chain management.

Greg launched his career immediately following graduation with a position as a Road Operations Supervisor for one of the largest transportation companies in North America. Taking on a full workload early in his career, Greg Shnerer’s primary responsibility was to guarantee the company exceeded customer expectations by meeting key standards in real time. The role placed him in charge of a 700-driver fleet and road operations across all Canadian and American terminals. At the same time, Shnerer enjoyed contributing to the development and retention of new business and the motivation of company employees by successfully executing first and last mile initiatives.

Greg’s drive, ambition, and keen insights quickly earned him a senior managerial role as a National Account Manager where he oversaw an impressive portfolio consisting of both wholesale and retail customers. When combined, the portfolio was worth over $80 million in yearly revenue. The National Account Manager position gave Greg Shnerer the boost he needed to augment his already demonstrable leadership skills. In addition to his regular duties, he coached other employees new to the managerial role, trained senior leadership on a new sales and marketing CRM, and established a brand new Inside Sales team for the company.

In 2015, Shnerer was offered a position as the Director of Regional Sales and New Business Development and then as Vice President of Sales and Marketing shortly thereafter. Greg took on the persona of leader and mentor under both titles, leading sales teams and managers to corporate success. He prided himself on expertly communicating solidified sales and marketing objectives and deftly maximizing results across all consumer markets.

Today, Greg Shnerer brings a contagious level of energy and excitement to TRAFFIX. His successful formulation and execution of high-level strategies inspires teams and produces positive results regardless of condition or circumstance. Greg’s firm grasp of retail supply chain networks and logistic processes combined with an in-depth understanding of the North American financial, retail, consumer, and transportation markets has secured him a well-earned reputation for executive excellence.