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Greg Shnerer - Why Amazon is King 1

Why Amazon is King in Supply Chain Management

What keeps Amazon on top is their commitment to change and growth. They’ve pioneered the face of retail by using bold strategies in supply chain and deploying innovative technologies. As a result, they’ve received a cult following because of their quick and efficient supply chain management. With Amazon sitting at the forefront, its competition is struggling to keep up. Here… Read more →

Greg Shnerer 8 Supply Chain Truths

8 Supply Chain Truths

Supply chain is an essential function of any company. While the everyday tasks of supply chain professionals may be ever changing, here are some truths that may never alter.   Physical It’s often forgotten about that supply chain isn’t just logistics and inventory. There’s also a physical aspect to supply chain. Supply chain professionals are the problem solvers – helping… Read more →

Greg Shnerer- Maximizing Supply Chains Through Multimodal Transportation

Maximizing Supply Chains through Multimodal Transportation

  Although international door to door shipments, especially those traveling overseas, move via multiple transportation modes – the majority of shipments throughout North America move over a single mode. Multimodal services that utilize several transportation modes including air, sea, land and/or rail are becoming a popular option for companies looking to improve efficiency in their supply chain. Containers that are… Read more →

Greg Shnerer: Security Challenges in Supply Chain Management

Security Challenges in Supply Chain Management

  There are many things that could go wrong in supply chain management to cause a major disruption in the transfer of goods and services from the supplier to the customer. Multiple players (companies, people, and nations) are at work, which are all vulnerable to what are often unpredictable threats such as natural disasters, accidents, or security breaches. Supply chain… Read more →

Greg Shnerer: Infrastructure & Supply Chain Transportation

The Precarious Relationship of Infrastructure and Supply Chain Transportation

  The supply chain is a complex ecosystem involving many interconnected parts, and transportation is one of the main pillars of supply chain that cannot be overlooked. Without transportation, products would never make it from the supplier to the receiver resulting in business failure. Understanding the role transportation plays in supply chain management is very complex, and it’s impossible to… Read more →

The Supply Chain of the Future: The Role of Digitization in Supply Chain Logistics

As technology becomes more and more advanced, a staple of developed nations, people have come to expect instant gratification. When you place an order online, you know that if you pay enough money for it, it can be on your doorstep the next morning. According to an MHI Annual Industry Report, 80% of survey respondents, which included 1,100 small to… Read more →

Talent Shortages: Lack of Talent or Poor Talent Management?

The supply chain industry faces a serious talent shortage. The education and availability for employment are a non-issue, but this industry faces a talent management problem. The dilemma remains acquiring and retaining top talent with fierce competition and lack of opportunities. Millennials Many employers are falling short when it comes to retaining millennials. The millennial generation wants to be supported… Read more →

Communication is the Key to Supply Chain Success

A supply chain is complex just taken from a logistics standpoint. Things need to come through the chain at the right time in order to keep production flowing at a consistent and profitable rate. Logistics are not the only piece of the supply chain. They need to be coordinated, managed, and optimized. None of this can happen without precise communication.… Read more →

Overseas manufacturing Impact

Outsourcing jobs such as manufacturing has always been a conversation offered from different views. For some, the impact is too risky and costly. Those believe that jobs should not be outsourced and this idea can help our economy. While others believe that outsourcing creates more jobs and opportunities within their companies because they’re able to afford to hire more staff.… Read more →