Category: Supply Chain Management

Impact of Electronic Log Books in Trucks Related to Supply

Electronic Log Books or ELD’s (Electronic Log Devices) are a vastly contested piece of technology. With a mandate for all truckers to go into effect in 2017, trucking companies and drivers alike have varying opinions. There are a few things that almost everyone agrees on. The only question up for debate is whether it’s good for business or not. Accountability… Read more →

Freight’s Importance to Supply Chain Sustainability

The demand for consumer goods is steadily increasing. With this increase, manufacturers turn to globalization in order to keep up with demand and keep costs low. Although globalization helps maintain low costs, it increases the number of miles a product needs to travel before reaching the end user. This is where freight transportation comes in. Going the Distance Consumer goods… Read more →

Transportation as the Backbone of the Economy

Transportation is the catalyst for sustaining economic growth. Without a transportation infrastructure, expanding the economy becomes extremely difficult. Additionally, the use of transportation makes it possible to produce, distribute, and purchase goods. Transportation creates jobs, sustains the economy, and makes life easier. Improved Accessibility In order to maintain an economy focused on growth, there is a need for accessibility and… Read more →